Full Experience: Groups, Private Events and Location Services

Kulaniapia offers an entirely unique experience for weddings, family reunions, and retreats as well as a fantastic location for filming, given the wild natural environment, off-the-grid utility infrastructure, on-staff rigging expertise, and the option for completely exclusive access to the state of Hawaii’s largest privately accessible waterfall. Our Full Experience product for groups, private events and commercial use is priced per guest, per night, and fully inclusive of all of accommodation, meals, activities, and transportation, and is professionally coordinated by one of our Experience Managers. Non-exclusive use of the property available for groups of up to 12, with exclusive use available for groups from 12-40 guests. Event services are included for groups of 20 guests or more.

Due to popular demand for our Full Experience products, we do not sell our B&B product more than 6 months in advance to keep the property available for groups and exclusive use. We currently have regular availability starting in June of 2018, with a few remaining dates in early 2018.

For pricing information please contact us at 808-935-6789 or experience@waterfall.net


Location Services (Film, TV, Commercials, etc)

We offer an entirely unique product to producers, which makes Kulaniapia one of the premier waterfall and tropical jungle shooting sites in the world. Unlike most destinations, while Kulnaiapia offers wild natural environments, and is entirely off the grid, we generate more than enough power with a private hydro electric plant and diesel backup to power any and all of your equipment. You can drive vans and trucks to within a short trail of the waterfall, and for larger equipment, we can help you arrange helicopter transport to the base or top of the falls.

Rigging support is exclusively available from the Kulaniapia Adventures team, and allows you to hang or position anyone or anything in any number of terrifying positions on or over the falls. They will support your stunt team to get any shots we can obtain safely. Our team may be subcontracted to manage union and/or insurance issues, but we do not allow people without experience on the property to provide such services. Rigging support services include all necessary equipment and a team of two Kulaniapia Adventures staff. If you require such services, you must name Kulaniapia’s management and ownership entities as additional insureds on the policy covering your shoot.