Introducing the Adventure Club and Full Experience

Product development is a never ending process at Kulaniapia Falls, and we are excited to share the story of two of our newest products; our Adventure Club and Full Experience rates are more inclusive products designed to help you get the most out of your vacation, while we take care of the details.

The Big Island is unpredictable in many ways. Our geology unleashes unimaginable forces that can inspire and destroy, our weather may be different across upwards of 10 micro-climates found around the island, and each day we think we have a plan, we often find ourselves doing something else out of necessity or unexpected opportunity. It’s a wonderful place, especially if you can embrace the uncertainty and follow the path that emerges in front of you.

Almost a year ago, we launched Kulaniapia Adventures, with waterfall rappelling, and a commitment to combat veterans. Since then, we have grown our guide team, developed new experiences to share with our guests, and built great partnerships with other commercial tour operators that have allowed us to offer incredible adventures, rain or shine, on our property, and around the island.

But we also learned, that like so many things on the big island, relying on a schedule is a recipe for disappointment. Sometimes we have to cancel waterfall rappels because the river is raging, or the lava isn’t flowing where we expect, or weather conditions prevent us from stargazing upon or summiting Mauna Kea. When part of a commercial tour, each of these present an opportunity for a disappointing guest experience, and at the and of the day, we realized that we can create the best guest experiences by being flexible with respect to what the island has in mind for us today, and delighting our guests from there.

To that end, we created a new model to share our Adventures with our guests that removes the need to schedule everything in advance, and allows us to share experiences that are not generally available commercially. Rather than sell individual activities at scheduled dates and times, we have adopted a private club model, which we affectionately call the Adventure Club (or the Full Experience, if you stay 5+ nights). We came up with the concept and the name while playing with our new Celestron CPC 1100 telescope on Mauna Loa, on a day we planned to go to Mauna Kea, but the weather was uncooperative.

This model only works because we are agile, and committed to keeping our groups small (6 guests max), using vehicles that are not suitable for larger commercial tours. Rather than schedule individual activities, we schedule our guides based on how many Adventure Club and Full Experience members we have staying with us, and make sure we are ready to do multiple activities on any given day so our guests can choose what is most exciting together. Some days, that means doing something completely unexpected like playing in the snow, up on Muana Kea, and on others we might hunt for lava on active fields, figure out which summit has the best stargazing for the evening, or explore a lava tube we are just finalizing the details for now... It also provides us an opportunity to share our latest discoveries and creations with our guests, that may or may not turn into regular offerings. It’s how your trip would go if your best friend was an expert guide, and cleared their schedule for your arrival.

In Addition to world-class Adventures, on the property, and around the island, our Adventure Club and Full Experience guests also get to join us at The Table during their stay, for inspiring farm-to-table meals prepared by local private chefs.

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