Kulaniapia Falls


unforgettable, multi-day experiences

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Icelandic horses are one of the world’s must unique breeds, and our herd’s story is no less so. Iceland, often called the land of fire and ice, is no stranger to volcanic activity, and it was the 2018 Kilauea eruption that brought this herd to Kulaniapia. After multiple emergency evacuations, and a little help from the universe, nearly a dozen Icelandic horses found a home at Kulaniapia, bringing experience with trail riding, trekking, instruction and equine therapy.

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Gaited for Comfort

Icelandic horses are 5 gaited, whereas most breeds can only walk, trot and run. Icelandic horses favor a smooth, single footed, running walk called the tölt, making long rides smooth on horse and rider.


Big Personalities

Horses are incredibly social, and Icelandics, especially so. While small in stature, each horse has a larger than life personality unique to them. Getting to know yours, and matching you up is half the fun.


Varied Experiences

It’s not just about riding, but we’ll do plenty of that. Earning your horses trust, catching them in the pasture, and building confidence between horse and rider is where we start. From there, Hawaii offers an incredible and varied landscape for riders of all skill levels.


Please Note: Our Icelandic horse experiences are designed for guests who have some experience riding, even if only a little.

All of our Icelandic Horse Experiences include accommodation at The Inn, and start by matching you with the best horse, given each of your unique personalities, which you will work with the whole time. Three night experiences are focused on-site, while five night experiences allow us to take the horses off-site for stunning nature rides through jungles, along beaches and more.

Adventure Club: Icelandic Horses (3+ Nights)


  • Two (2) local horse back rides, departing from, and returning to The Farm for up to two guests.

  • One (1) farm-to-table dinner at The Table for each guest.

  • One (1) additional farm-to-table dinner for each guest, each night stayed beyond 3.

Full Experience: Icelandic Horses (5+ Nights)


  • Two (2) local horse back rides, departing from, and returning to The Farm for up to two guests.

  • One (1) off-site horse back ride for up to two guests. Horses will be trailered, and you follow in your own vehicle if there is not room in the truck.

  • One (1) additional Adventure for each guest (Waterfall Rappelling, Lava Tube Exploration, Stargazing, etc).

  • Three (3) farm-to-table dinners at The Table for each guest.

Please contact us to book these packages.