Kulaniapia Falls

Kulaniapia Falls

travel agent sales guide and fact sheet

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Our Adventure Club and Full Experience products were designed with travel agents in mind. As you know, many of your guests are excited to come to the Big Island and experience the "real" Hawaii, but the activity options can be overwhelming, and the island is inherently unpredictable. This makes your job as an agent difficult both in terms of planning and expectation management when things inevitably don't go as planned.

Let us take care of that for you. With our small size and dedicated team of expert guides, we make sure that every guest has an amazing and appropriate experience, whether that is rappelling 120 feet down our namesake falls, encountering lava out in the field, stargazing on top of our largest volcanoes, or enjoying a local-style tour of our famous beaches and cultural sites. Kulaniapia has something for everyone, and we embrace the unpredictability of the Big Island for what it really is: a daily opportunity to accept the island's invitation to experience something unique and inspiring with a small group of like minded souls.

Your guests should expect to have an incredible, life changing experience at Kulaniapia, and neither you nor them need to plan a thing except how to get here (and you can even skip that if you like with our Full Experience).

product summary

This guide focuses on our core products: the Adventure Club and Full Experience. Key selling points for both products include:

  • Luxury off-the-grid accommodations, hosted with personal service, just like staying with the best of friends.

  • Farm-to-table dinners with local private chef's at The Table.

  • Some Meals Included

    • Daily breakfast on the Lanai, overlooking the falls

    • Some adventures include lunch or dinner

  • No activity planning required. Join our expert guides in small groups (six max), for as many adventures as you can handle.

  • Rappel over 120 feet down Kulaniapia Falls, and/or tackle our lower three falls ranging from 15-35 feet.

  • Offsite adventures include lava encounters, lava tube / cave exploration, stargazing and more.

  • 100% powered by renewable energy, including hydro and solar, with redundant generator backup.

  • Natural farm with educational demo garden and animals (chickens, ducks, pigs, etc).

  • Enjoy miles of nature trails, bamboo gardens, and swimming / kayaking under Kulaniapia Falls.

The below table provides more details on each product, and pricing guidance through Feb 2019. Please note these are introductory rates, and may fluctuate during particularly busy times. Rates and availability for groups of up to four are available online. Rates for groups must be confirmed in advance, and are subject to a more restrictive cancellation policy.

Product Summary Price Range Commission Notes Availability
Adventure Club Big Island getaway with unlimited access to unique and inspiring adventures led by expert local guides. All adventures depart from, and return to The Inn at Kulaniapia Falls. $469-879/nt
3 night min
15% off room
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Full Experience All inclusive Big Island vacation with a dedicated Experience Manager, premium accomodations, rental car, meals and adventures, all included. Includes helicopter or lava boat tour with 4+ nights. Up to 6 guests (please call to book over 4). Most Adventures are private with 4+ guests. $1250-3250/nt
3 night min
Pagoda House
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Harmony House (Groups up to 14) Large house with full kitchen and six guest rooms, all with private bath, two of which have waterfall views. All the benefits of Adventure Club, for up to 14 guests. $2499/nt for up to 6 adults
3 night min
Call us at 808-935-6789
Exclusive Buyout (Groups up to 40) Exclusive use of Kulaniapia Falls, the Inn, surrounding property, and the Farm if necessary to accomodate more than 30 guests. Dedicated Experience Manager and team of adventure guides, with a focus on waterfall rappelling, although small groups may venture off site. All meals and airport transfers included. $5999/nt for up to 12 adults
4 night min
Call us at 808-935-6789
All prices exclude taxes which generally come out to 6.73% after blending the rates for accomodation and services.
Sunset before Stargazing. Incredible views and amazing technology.

Sunset before Stargazing. Incredible views and amazing technology.

Under Development / Early Access: Lava Tube Exploration

Under Development / Early Access: Lava Tube Exploration

Adventure Club

Adventure Club is our most popular product, and represents an incredible value for guests. It really is a private club that goes on Adventures every day. Some of these are more established like our rappelling, lava and stargazing tours, some are in development like our lava tube tour, and some are the result of unique circumstances like moon bows, or fresh snow on Maunakea. 

Compared to our non-commissionable room-only rates, Adventure Club members typically save about 15% on the room, and pay less than the cost of two individual activities for a three night stay. For this membership fee, guests have unlimited access to small group experiences led by expert guides, on the property, and around the island.

While we cannot guarantee that any specific activity can or will be offered during a specific stay, we prioritize our guests preferences and balance those with what makes sense given current conditions around the island.

Key Sales Messages:

  • Luxury, off-the-grid accommodations with daily breakfast overlooking Kulaniapia Falls.

  • Farm-to-table dinners with local private chefs.

  • Unlimited adventures with nothing to plan. The best experience possible on an unpredictable island.

  • Small group experiences (six guests max) for less than the cost of one large group tour per day.

  • Scenic / cultural tours available for guests seeking a less strenuous experience.

  • Meals included with evening adventures, and some daytime adventures.

  • Discounted room rates. Save 15% or more on your room, compared to single night stays.

Cancellation Policy: Changes and cancellations permitted without penalty more than 30 days in advance.

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Full Experience

The Full Experience is for guests who want nothing to do with the details of vacation. In addition to all of the benefits of Adventure Club, a dedicated Experience Manager will arrange all guest meals, and rental car, all of which is included in the rate. The Full Experience product entails a level of service that we can only offer to one small group at a time, and as such, always comes with out most premium accommodations. 

Our Experience Managers generally speak with guests well in advance of arrival, and at least once more as the time approaches. Through these conversations, we understand what types of experiences are going to be most memorable from adventures to food and more. 

For groups that include 4 adults, an additional room is provided and included with the rate. A second additional room (3 total) is included for groups of 5/6 adults. One adult or two children may comfortably sleep on a pullout sofa and/or roll-away on the first floor of the Pagoda Guest House. Reservations eligible for additional rooms need to be made directly with us to ensure availability.

Key Sales Messages:

  • The Pagoda Guest House is a private home with a full kitchen and lofted master bedroom with an incredible view of the falls.

  • Everything is taken care of for you from to meals and adventures.

  • Your dedicated Experience Manager ensures everything goes smoothly, and can take care of any special requests.

  • Helicopter or Lava Boat tour included with 4+ night stay.

Cancellation Policy: Changes and cancellations permitted without penalty more than 30 days in advance.

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Kulaniapia Falls offers an entirely unique experience for groups, whether for up to 14 members in our Harmony House, or up to 40 taking over the entire Inn and Farm. Most groups are 20-30 guests, and booked 9-12 months in advance, however we are happy to accommodate groups on shorter notice if we have availability.

Ideal for weddings, reunions, retreats and team building activities. Full event planning services available.

Key Sales Points for Harmony House:

  • Up to 14 guests in 6 guests rooms.

    • 2 w/ a queen bed, balcony and waterfall view [2 guests each, 4 total]

    • 2 w/ king bed and room for a roll-away [3 guests, 6 total]

    • 1 w/ queen bed and a screened lanai [2 guests]

    • 1 w/ queen bed, and the sound of the falls [2 guests]

  • Full kitchen: cook together, or let us take care of it

  • Adventure Club included, focused on property (off property adventures possible for up to 6).

Key Sales Points for Exclusive Buyout:

  • Up to 30 guests in 13 guests rooms at the Inn.

  • Optionally include the Farm for another 10 guests with luxury camping accommodations.

  • Full event planning services available, and included with 20+ guests.

  • Privacy and discretion assured.

  • Onsite helicopter charter services available.

  • Catering and onsite activities included. Limited offsite adventures for groups of up to 6.

  • Whole pig luau w/ traditional Hawaiian imu

    • Optional, and not for all guests. Best for groups of 20+. There is an extra fee.

    • WARNING: We do not take life on our guests behalf, and as such, this is a deeply personal and moving experience, read more on our blog. Our role is to guide and ensure it’s done right.

Cancellation Policy: Varied. Please see "payment options and policies" on this page for details.

inquiry and reservation forms

You may use the following forms to make inquiries, reservation requests, and preregister guests so you receive credit for their booking.

Preregistration for Guest Bookings

If your guest will be booking directly through our website, use this form to preregister them so you receive credit for the booking. You will earn the same commission either way.


  • You must preregister guests prior to booking to receive credit for direct bookings, no exceptions.
  • Guest must book within 30 days of when you submit this form.

Reservation Requests: Adventure Club, Full Experience and Groups

Use this form to request a reservation. We will respond with a rate quote, and a courtesy hold (usually 5 days).


  • This form is only for guests who are ready to book. If you submit multiple times without completing resrvations, we will stop providing courtesy holds.

Reservation / General Inquiries

For everything else, you may use this form. We'll try and get back to you as soon as possible.

payment options and policies

Note, we require guest contact information on all bookings, but can work with you to delay confirmations, etc with the Agent Pays options below.

Adventure Club and Full Experience

  • Guest Pays: 50% at booking, 50% at check in.
    • Submit the "Preregistration for Guest Bookings" form on this page to provide us advance notice of your guests reservation. Guest must book within 30 days of your submission.
    • Have the guest book normally on our website. You will still receive your commission.
    • NOTE: Guest must use their own credit card, which they can present at check-in, along with matching ID. Make sure guest phone number is a mobile phone that can receive SMS. Foreign numbers should include the the "+" sign and country code, IE +41791234567 for a mobile from Switzerland.
    • Email us after your guests books, and invoice us for your commission after your guest checks out.
  • Agent Pays: 100% of net rate at booking. It's just too complicated otherwise. NOTE: Guest will see net rate if they request an invoice.
    • Submit the reservation request form. We will respond with the rate and a 5 day hold. Please note, this form is for guests ready to book. If you submit more than a few forms that do not result in booking, we may stop providing holds.
    • Make full payment of the net rate within 5 days:
      • Credit Card: Please fill out, sign and email our credit card authorization form to experience@waterfall.net along with a copy of the card holders ID.
      • Wire Transfer: Save additional 3% off net rate. We will provide wire transfer details if you request to pay this way.

Groups: Harmony House and Exclusive Buyout

For group reservations under $10,000, we require full payment by credit card at the time of booking. Cancellation penalties are as follows:

  • More than 270 days: 5% of the reservation total
  • Between 180-269 days: 25% of the reservation total
  • Between 90-179 days: 50% of the reservation total
  • Between 60-89 days: 75% of the reservation total
  • Less than 60 days: 100% of the reservation total

For group reservations over $10,000, we generally require payment by wire transfer, although we are happy to process a credit card and split the cost with the agent or guest by adding a 1.5% processing fee to the reservation. The payment schedule and cancellation policies are as follows:

  • Reserving Dates: 25% deposit, refundable until 270 days out, at which point it becomes non-refundable. If cancelled / refunded prior to 270 days, there is still a non-commissionable handling fee of 5% of the total reservation.
  • 180 Day Payment: Additional non-refundable deposit, bringing total payments to 50% of the reservation total.
  • 90 Day Payment: Additional non-refundable deposit, bringing total payments to 75% of the reservation total.
  • 60 Day Payment: Additional non-refundable deposit, bringing total payments to 100% of the reservation total.