Kulaniapia Falls
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Group + Event Cost Estimate

When you host a group at Kulaniapia Falls, you receive our highest level of service, and an experience that is simply not possible when catering to the preferences of so many unaffiliated guests. We take our staffing, guest service, and attention to detail up a notch, so you can focus on bringing people together for an experience they will remember for a lifetime.

For all groups, we discount our various property options substantially, and then add a per person charge to cover the increased level of staffing, service, and options that you select, like catering and private chefs. You may also pre-book your activities at a substantial discount, and arrange for private transportation and guides, for all, or part of your stay.

Furthermore, when your property selection includes The Inn or The Farm, you may host an event on that property, with outside (non-overnight) guests and vendors for a modest per guest charge, and service fee. Our events team will take care of all of the details for you.

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